Sunday, January 22, 2017

An Open Letter to Barron Trump from the Mom of a Ten Year Old Boy

To the youngest boy of President Donald Trump. The child who will remember most of his childhood as the most controversial president's son.  The one who will witness both, an astounding love and appreciation displayed by the people who put his father in office as well as a dark cloud of hatred and bitterness from those who appose his father's strong fist held efforts to Make America Great Again.

You are going be a strong passionate man just like your dad one day. Because of what you will experience and endure from here on out, you will far exceed the success of your brothers and sisters and you may even very well become the second Trump to be president of this great nation your father saved by boldly putting the fear of God back in the White House while asking for the protection from God on his day of inauguration.

Now I don't know a lot about you Barron. I know that you are a typical ten year old boy who most likely likes cars, sports, and video games. You seem pretty fond of your beautiful, more than classy Mom, whom we are so proud to call our First Lady and of course you honor and look up to your father with the same countenance your brothers and sisters do.  I know that in the heat of the election,  while your dad was preoccupied by the work load that comes with climbing an uphill battle against  Hillary, the media and the establishment, you have sacrificed having him at home with you. And as if that wasn't enough to give up, now everything has changed for you and your family in unmeasurable ways now that your dad is in office. Your life was luxurious and probably a lot more peaceful before your dad jumped on the political train period. Now.... there have been threats made, security is every where you turn and I'm sure that there are countless hateful things that your parents are trying to shield you from, because you are just too young to endure it, but they won't succeed in keeping it all from you. You are going to see and hear things that will be too much to bear at times.

I don't know if you're ever sad, cry yourself to sleep, or wish it could just go back to how it was when you were simply the child of the rich and famous, but I do know that God has chosen your entire family for such a time as this. Not just your father, but you too! You are all a part of God's BIG and perfect plan and God has surrounded your family with angels of protection because He will never send his children out onto the battle field to do a really big job without giving them the tools and protection needed to survive.

I am writing this letter to you Barron to tell you to lean into your Heavenly Father in the absence of your earthly one right now. Your Dad is a courageous hard-working man. God knew only he was the one who could selflessly do this job with the boldness and passion of a true warrior. So with that said, God isn't going to forget about you, Little Donald. Seek Him always but especially when the road seems too long. I want to give you this verse and tell you that we the American people, your brothers and sisters in Christ will be praying for your entire family throughout this journey you have now begun to endeavor. We prayed you in and we will pray you through!  Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you: he will never leave you nor forsake you." Deuteronomy 31:6 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Much About Life, Work, Pleasing People and God and... the Tune of the Oldies

Its a beautiful thing to witness how music played from nearly 5 decades ago can put the most joyful smile on a sweet wrinkled veterans face. I have the utmost respect for the elderly who have to keep up with the fast paced speed of this crazy world that has literally changed before their very eyes. Its got to be a whirl wind for them. It is for me and I'm still a spring chicken, they would say. 

I work at a Christian Fitness Center (The Roc) where we have always payed Christian music in the gym on a regular basis. Not Gathers, not Gospel, but for the most part the music you would hear on K-Love. Its soft easy listening with an occasional heavy eat of Lecrae or Skillet. Sure we'll get complaints from the older generation in particular, "'Can you change the music?' 'This is making my hearing aids ring.' 'I feel like I'm going to fall asleep while I'm walking.'" We have a beautiful walking track in our gym that we offer to the public for free. So many love to come in on a day that is too hot or too cold to be outside and get their laps in. Sometimes they'll meet up with their friends at our ROC cafe and talk about Politics and Religion, you know the typical conversation you would hear taking place in a circle of white haired individuals having coffee. My favorites are the married couples that come in holding hands. It's so precious and such an accomplishment for them to have made it this far. Some come in single, without a spouse at all. There's always a story of why. Some we know of and some we question. Is it a nursing home, was it divorce or has the other one drifted into eternity early leaving their partner behind with only memories and pictures left? Sometimes it's the music that stimulates those very memories of a time when life was full of love, laughter and energy. 
Our fitness center is now in competition with another fitness center that has opened up across the hwy. With the ROC full of cutting edge equipment, a wholesome clean environment and a variety of amazing group Exercise and Silver Sneakers classes, what could we be up against? Well it so happens that this other center has a pool. And a pool is a wonderful thing for an elderly individual with sore joints or weak muscles. In fact people of all ages love a good workout in the water. I won't deny that it is a great way to move and work out all of your kinks without impact and wear on the joints, but it saddens me to see so many leaving us and choosing the other gym for that main reason. 

One day this past week, after another complaint about the "boring" music we play, I was tired of sticking to a rule that didn't seem to make sense. Seeing that the majority of our folks during this particular time of the day were over 70, I took it upon my self to bend the rules and slap on some 50s and 60s music!! My fearful coworker was trembling at the thoughts of us getting in trouble with the church we are in connection with. I told her don't worry about it,  I’m sure Jesus listens to oldies! On that very day it felt like the color of the gym went from dim to bright. People were hopping on the track and treadmills. So many were coming to the front desk with smiles on their faces and a big thumbs up as if to say Thank You! One came with a story emerged from one of the songs playing that reminded him of his Spouse. With tears in his eyes and a shaky voice he expressed how it was one of her favorite songs. She had passed years ago. He smiled as he began to talk to us about her, her personality and the fun times they used to have. We laughed with him as we listened to him tell this story with a special glow in his face, a glow that came from a song that stimulated a memory of the good 'ole days. 

My coworker and I joked about my decision and how risky it was. We roared in laughter about how many people seem overwhelmingly appreciative and happy with this small change made by the touch of a new, or shall I say old genre on Pandora. Maybe there is hope for us at this fitness center that is lacking a pool. People want to go to a place that makes them happy! 

Here comes the doom and gloom part of this, adding of a new genre onto our ROC Fitness Center's song play list.  I mentioned we are a "Christian" Fitness Center.  Does this mean we are not allowed to make people happy? Who ever said Christians should be the cause of people walking around stone faced and angry at the world and everything in it. I say a smile never hurt a flee. My title at work is, Director of Group Exercise programming, so it is my job to hire on certified instructors that fit our vision of providing a clean, fun, productive fitness class with also a word from the Lord and a Prayer for the day. The music in our 32 classes we offer is primarily Christian music. We take some popular secular classes such as Body Pump and Zumba etc., weed out the music that is tasteless and profane and replace it with songs written by great inspired Christian artists. It is these very songs that also speak to the hearts of the people as their blood is pumping and bodies are in action working towards their fitness goals.  This is what makes us different from other gyms. Your not going to have Miley Ray Cyrus swinging from wrecking balls, or Lady Gaga playing with whips and chains in our gym but You may hear the Supremes singing You Cant Hurry Love or even Jim Croce singing about Time in a Bottle. 

As expected, there was a complaint issued to the Pastor of the church that is in connection with our gym. A complaint directed towards the fact that we have been playing oldies music for a few hours out of the day, that peak of the day when the majority of gym attendees are over 70. The claim was made that this music does not belong in a church. I agree that on a Sunday morning or a Wednesday night we are not going to worship the Lord to The Four Season's, Sherry Baby, but lets get real, this is a "Fitness Center". A Worship Center/ Church is essentially a building for worshipping and learning about God. A Christian Fitness Center is a blend of the opportunity to worship God in fusion with getting fit, a cleaner approach to the way secular gyms are run today in this sex crazed anti-christian society we live in. 

This complaint made me sad and gave me a heavy heart knowing that something that could make so many happy could make one person so angry and disgruntled. This torn feeling of mixed emotions is one of the most difficult things for me in my line of work. I will admit that I struggle with being a people pleaser. I was told this by a coworker and fellow instructor, as he struggles with the same thing. I read a devotional in one of my classes this week that talked about our call to please God not man. The Same goes for fear. Fear God, not man, but how do we know when it is God we are pleasing and not man? What voice is the right one to listen to.  I’m learning more about this each and every day in my Christian walk. Listening to the Spirit is so difficult sometimes. Especially when there is so much noise out there. So much talk about peoples opinions, preferences, ideas about what’s right and wrong and the Christian inclination to cling to the law. Second Corinthians 3:17 says,  Now the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty. I feel that there truly is the Spirit of the Lord in our fitness center. Ministry is happening in little ways. Not always visible in big ways but inevitably in the lives that are touched. The people that come to The Roc must feel loved if they're going to feel a touch by God at all. The Beetles said it best when they sang, All We Need is Love.  God is love and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom, freedom to love on these people in whatever way possible, even if it means bringing a smile to an elderly mans face because of a song that reminded him of the good 'ole days. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I Now Drink My Coffee Black

I now drink my coffee black? What kind of a title is that? It means what it says but there is much more to be said and recorded onto this online bookshelf of blogged memories about a day in which I decided to get clean with my coffee sipping. So this page of musings revolves around the time that I took my determination to a whole new level and began to drink my coffee black.

It was July 1st, in the Summer of 2016 when I decided to give it another shot in the dark. Another? Yes I've quit the highly desired, beloved cream and sugar many times in the past, but never lasted more than a week or two. It's amazing how cravings never truly go away. They just get pushed back into the very depths of your mind where your hypothalamus, that part of your brain that loves to tell your body it has to have something when in fact it just likes to lie lie lie all the time, decides to sit back and let logic step in and say, "Why?" Why do you think you need it? Is it beneficial?  I had to learn to get past the lies and see the freedom in ignoring that darn craving and replacing it with something else.

Why was dropping this habit of cream and sugar so important to me, one may ask. Well those who know me know about my love for this popular high octane drink. I've even been known to have a slight hinge of disappointment after meeting someone new and thinking we could be great friends, then to find out  the discouraging news that they don' Sorry, this friendship would never work. I say this jokingly of course.

My fellow coffee drinking readers will relate when I say that it is this very drink, that comes from a tiny bean, that helps put a bounce in my first step out of bed in the morning encompassed by the excitement in knowing it's time for coffee and Jesus! I love mornings. I love to get up and have some time to talk to God and sip on my rich hot drink, before the little minions awake and the rat race begins. The only problem with this crazy habit I bestowed was the dairy and sugar that I also had been consistently consuming daily.

Prior to kicking my habit I had become aware of my need to cut back on my carb and sugar intake, creating a cleaner approach to eating. In the event of doing so I realized that I was not going to achieve a day without sugar if I indeed started my day with a spoonful of sugar. There are really two types of coffee drinkers; the ones who just have to have something in it; and the ones who drink it black and would never go back. Well I've been both of these people, obviously or I would have no credibility in writing about it. One thing that is so interesting and unexpected, is how I now crave it in its pure and natural flavor.. after extracted from the bean and mixed in water of course, but this is now my preferred way to drink it! After achieving this goal I am finding there are other things that I can go without. Things that I have had all my life but I am realizing I am better off without them. I feel better, I think better and everything tastes better. I'm not entirely gluten free but I'm seeking out ways to cook without it. Bread is a real treat but I find that I'm not craving it like I once did. It all had to start somewhere, and coffee was the first step so I'm reminded every single day, of the accomplishment of giving up something I thought to be impossible, as I begin it with a cup of black coffee and a whole lot of Jesus who really was the key to making it happen. I'm now presently on my third month of this clean drinking frenzy and I think I've created a habit in which there is no turning back. Even now after writing about it, I have set an accountability of online viewers that are sure to keep me on the black-coffee-drinking-bandwagon. Otherwise I just become a hypocrite of my own writing.

I share this blog not to brag about what may seem to some as a "silly trivial accomplishment," but in hopes that it may help someone struggling with a food addiction of any kind. It all starts with the first step and the determination and will power to do it. If you don't believe you are strong enough then that's where the power of God steps in and fills in the gaps. He is the cream and sugar in my coffee every morning and it's never tasted better!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Most Important of all Decisions

As I look around me I see many different people groups from all different backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles. Sometimes it is so easy to get lost and forget who you are and where you came from. Especially living in a large city! What really matters is what are you doing right now. I have this favorite saying I read once, Where you are today is a result of the decisions you've made in the past. Our life is made up of an abundance of decisions that were once made which bring us to the present day and the ones not yet made that will carry us on to the uncertain abyss of the future.

 I strongly dislike making decisions myself, maybe because the previous saying is always running around up there in my scattered brain, but even little things are hard for me to decide on. When Brandon and I were first dating I remember he would take me out to a restaurant and I would never try anything new. I would stay steadfast and firm with my choice of the grilled chicken salad with honey mustard dressing, which I tried my first week in college, liked it and decided to stick with it, because I knew it was safe. The reason for my madness was due to my lack of restaurant experience.  I was uncertain of everything because it was all so new to me! In my little home town of Linneus, Maine, we had one stop light and one restaurant that was almost always fully occupied. The next town with anything at all to offer was Houlton, a little town right off the end of I 95, If you missed this exit driving North, you would find yourself at the Canadian border only 5 minutes up the road! Houlton acquired a couple of fast food restaurants as well as The Asian Palace, and the Elm Tree Diner. Those were what we had to choose from, which pretty much sums up my inadequacies with new foods, and the choosing thereof!  Brandon was the first one to give me an education in "Eating Out 101" and with time, I began to branch out and try new things while on my magical dates with him. To this day, I am still the last one to decide what I want, but have come a long ways since our dating days at Liberty University.

To get back on the subject of my premise for writing, "Where we are today is a result of the decisions we've made.".....How do I implement this obvious truth into the little delicate minds of my three beloved children?  Our kids have heard us say many times, "Make good choices", but do they really know the importance and depth of this simple command? You have to live with the consequence of your choice no matter what, there is no escaping it, and there is no going back.

Today I was able to teach this lesson to my 5 year old who had to learn the hard way that when you spend your allowance one day, you can't get it back days later even though you find something better that you would presently rather have. Ava, (middle child age 7) is probably the most wise with her money. She's always careful in picking something out at the store on her birthday, where the other two will throw there items in the basket in a matter of minutes, Ava strolls through the aisles pensively, looking and hesitantly deciding. Today Ava still had the money I had given her last week for doing the dishes and folding my laundry. As she lurked around the shop looking for things within her quaint price range, younger sister Ainsley began to search and find things she that she wanted that were out of both her price range (0.00) and Ava's price range! I had to explain to Ainsley that she had spent her money the day she earned it, on a one month Animal Jam subscription for her Chrome book. I explained to her at the time that this would take up all of her allowance and that her piggy bank would be at a zero balance now. She seemed to understand, but really I think she was just living in the moment and she wanted that game!

Makes me think....How many times do we live in the moment thinking it really won't matter much in the future?  I'm guilty of thinking that maybe the consequence monster will some how miss me and forget to punish me and my fat cells for that double fudge chewy brownie desert that just had to have the ice-cream to go with it. That bowl of delish that climbed right into my belly after a dinner that was entirely and completely satisfying with no need of a sinful desert, broke my three day fast from sugar. It opened the door to invite anything lovely tasting back into my life wherever and whenever. I paid for all of that brownie and everything that followed it a week later costing me a gaining of 5lbs that could have been a loss but wasn't,  all because I decided to give into the craving in that very moment.. Oops!.. bad decision.

 Consequences just don't seem fair, there not always the same for everyone either.  Not everyone would receive the same consequence as I did for cheating on my diet and eating that brownie and ice cream. For example, Austin also used his money to purchase a month subscription to Animal Jam on his Chrome book, but was he upset that he had spent his money and wasn't able to shop like Ainsley? No, he could care less. He was very happy with the purchase he made, and has enjoyed every moment of his Animal Jam playing and had no regrets. Ainsley also  enjoyed her purchase but really badly wanted to partake in the fun moment Ava was presently enjoying as she chose what she wanted to spend her allowance on.

I don't want this blog to be an attack on my baby Ainsley since she was spoken of in a negative light, and the other two positive, but just a memory to be recorded for when the moments of their childhood slip our minds and even pictures can't tell these stories of the past. To Ainsley's credit, she is really young compared to the other two who have 23 and 45 months of life learning lessons on her.  I can only hope that she learned a lesson about being wise with her money or at least that her disgruntlement on this very day was a result of the decision she made prior.

What a beautiful picture life is when we are given that peace in knowing the results of our past decisions are turning out precisely to our benefit. My husband gets up in front of crowds of people on a weekly basis to talk about life principles, and eternal things but really everything that he talks about always comes full circle back to one thing. That one thing being, the most important decision we could ever make, one that our eternal destination rides on and no one is exempt from. We will make many mistakes here on earth and have to pay the consequences for them, like Ainsley's allowance story and my craving mishap-but really all of that pales in comparison to the most important decision that we each have to make for ourselves on this side of eternity and that is to die to self and live for Christ. Where you will be in eternity will be the result of the decision you made in the past. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

May His Face Shine Upon You

The past year has been a whirlwind of glorious events. A tad bit complicated to put into human words, but the end result always makes enormous sense. What a beautiful picture life is - as the greatest artist known to man -- the one who holds creation in His hands, is the one painting ours.

Like an artist knows the picture he has in mind before the first stroke of the brush, only God knows what the future holds in the picture He is painting of our life. 

I recently gave a devotional to a group I was leading and I felt I had so much more to say to them but only a small amount of time to convey the point that God was trying to make as I shared with them James 1:2 (“Consider it all joy, my brethren when you encounter various trials….”) so I just had to put it all into writing.

It’s commonly said that you are either heading into a storm, you’re in the middle of a storm, or you’re coming out of a storm. That’s life and it’s true for everyone who’s ever lived it. Whether we can detect any of those three segments or not, right now it is certain that we are all living in one of these events! I think I can speak for most people if I were to say that “coming out of the storm” would be the number one choice of where we would all like to be, but you can’t deny the beauty of a storm and all of its Glory!

My close friend and I had been going through separate storms together. These storms, although extremely different in nature, had one standard ground that kept us from drifting apart in the strong winds – one common denominator that reminded us of why we were there.  The solid Rock that never moved, was never shaken, and girded us with strength as the enemy tried to destroy – was none other than our Lord and Savior. 

I find it amazing how God places people, things, and situations perfectly into our lives. We can’t clearly see or understand the foreshadowing of it but always smile when we realize the end result. I love how God does that. He has a way of leaving us with a smile on our face after His mission is accomplished and that is the true joy of a believer.

Last Sunday, my husband spoke on seeking God’s face, not just His hand in our lives.
We are always asking for God’s hand in every situation, for his mercy, for his blessing, but one thing we lack as a society especially in American culture is seeking God’s face.  Truly seeking Him on our knees in prayer is really something that can’t be found in the calming sweetness of life. Seeking Him is not something we naturally do as human beings.  We are fleshly, and we personally have free will, but God has the final say and controls all of our surroundings.  It is He who gives the enemy permission to attack us and it is He who gives us the strength and power to pull through anything and it can only be done in His name. It all belongs to Him! He is the Artist, He is the great Creator – the One who tells the seas to part, waters to fall, winds and storms to arise! The mountains in our life tremble when his presence is near.

As my friend and I journeyed through our separate storms together – we cried tears, shared laughter, prayed many prayers, and dissected scripture – all of which were so pertinent in getting us through. We likened our learning experience to a diamond with many facets, rich with so much beauty to bestow.  Isn’t that just how God is? We told each other time and time again that nothing in life could match up with this great intimacy with God. He was teaching us so much and we were seeing Him in every single thing that we experienced. He was holding our hands as we were seeking His face. In the midst of this storm the most precious times of the day were found filling up on the Word of God and giving the Holy Spirit full reign in our lives. We would joke that we had an addiction. Yes, an addiction to God and our time spent with Him. I remember my 6 year old making the comment, “Mom, all you talk about all the time is God!” She seemed frustrated but I smiled knowing she really didn’t know Him yet, but her time would come. One thing was for sure, she knew He was a friend of mine and very important to me.

Here in the present I long for that again. I still seek Him, I still digest His word, but the storm has past, and the calming has now come. I remember feeling that my storm was almost over and I expressed to my friend how it kind of made me sad that the journey was coming to an end for me, she agreed and empathized with this deviating feeling. It wasn’t the ugly storm I was going to miss, obviously. It was knowing that the precise closeness to God and daily dwelling in His presence may not quite be the same in the days to come. This made me sad and lonesome for heaven.

I love how God held my hand through the storm. I love how He continued to reveal Himself to me.  But most of all I love how He did it all to get me to the next step I needed to take.  Just as a parent eventually lets go of the back of their child’s bike so he can take off on two wheels all by himself – our Heavenly Father gives us the training wheels we need until its time to let go and send us on.  He doesn’t go anywhere – His presence is still hovering over us – the only difference is that now, He has given His child the ability to spread His wings just a little further than before. God is allowing us to see the world in an entirely different way, with different set of eyes, with much more wisdom and understanding.

We experience a unique closeness to our Creator that can only be experienced in the midst of a storm.  He revealed Himself to me in a way that was so powerful that the very memory of it is embedded into my mind, soul, and spirit – never to be forgotten. This left me with more faith, more power and more strength to make it through the next storm whatever it may be. So consider it all joy my friend… and when those storms in life come….May His Face Shine Upon You!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Season Four- Six- Eight!!!

Each stage of child raising has its challenges, I loved my babies being babies, but right now I have to say that their current ages happen to be mine and Brandon's favorite season! So independent these little boogers have become yet still little enough to be cute and kind of innocent...sort'a kind of:)

Park Party of 5 had an amazing summer! We didn't really do anything wild and crazy like that of the previous summer,  buying and renovating a house, but sure enjoyed every moment of our family time together. The highlights would have to be Austin getting up on Ski's and Ainsley taking off with swimming and learning to ride her bike without training wheels! I cant leave Ava out... well she just continues to make us proud to be her parents. Her and lil sis Ainsley became the best of friends and decided they wanted me to combine their rooms so they could share bunk beds. It makes my heart melt to see how much they love each other. I pray it continues through the years, although realistically I know there will be those times when they will want to kill each other. 
School has started and Ainsley is my last one home. Ive decided to relish in this last year with her by keeping her home from pre-school and dropping the part time job...This was really not a difficult decision to make seeing how fast the last 8 years zipped by.  I know next year I'll have all the time in the world to work or do whatever it is the Lord is leading me to do once my world completely changes and all three A's get swallowed up by the little brick school building where they will spend a good chunk of their childhood...

In the morning after waving goodbye to Austin and Ava on the bus, Ainsley and I go for a bike ride for her PE of the day:)  She rides and I run. She is a great little rider and does well staying on the side walk except for this one day. I was shortly behind her and was at that, "sweet spot" of my run. For the non- runners, thats the mile where your legs just carry you, there's no pain, no cramps or breathing issues, just endorphines being released and a blissful breeze as the pace is just right to go with the beat of the song coming through the earbuds in perfect rhythmic harmony.  Meanwhile, bike rider Ainsley had somehow for a split second lost focus and was heading straight for a pole that wasn't even on our trail..! I saw it happening only milla-seconds before and was unable to prevent her crash into the dead center of the very large pole. As soon as I saw she was ok, I couldn't hold it in...I had to laugh, because it was so darn funny, and something only a child with Carrie Ann Park's DNA could do. I actually laughed a couple times throughout the day. It was just so unexpected and I really don't know why in all of our rides, her bike has never reared off into the grass, but this one time it did, there just happened to be a giant pole sticking up out of the grass. Its like a magnetic force was pulling her towards it.

After my laughter calmed down and I returned back into my running mode I started thinking of how much that pole placed before Ainsley is just like the obstacles God places before us in life. Things can be going so smoothly but at that moment when we feel the reflection of God's face shining down on us and everything seems perfect and peaceful, BOOM we run into a giant plank that throws us off our current path and out of our comfort zone, requiring us to brush it off, refocus, get back on the ride of life and start again. Could the pole have been avoided had Ainsley been more focused and paying attention? Sure, but thats the thing about life, God doesn't present these little obstacles to us when we are entirely focused on Him, seeking His face in all we do, and gripping tightly to His hand just to make it through each day. The obstacles come when we have our guard down, and it can be anything from a temptation from the devil, to a hiccup that keeps us from pursuing something that God just doesn't have in His plan for our life.

 I love how Ainsley cried for a couple seconds, mainly due to embarrassment, but then got right back up and started riding again! Thats what God expects of His children as well, so many of us give up before we actually make it to the finish line, but if we faithfully allow him to carry us through, then we will see the glorious unfolding of what he has set before us. Life is hard, some of those bumps are more like mountains, but with each mountain we climb, God brings us closer to Him, more like Him and better equipped to help fulfill the Great Commission of Christ and purpose for why we are here in the first place! God loves us and he doesn't want to see us fail thats why he sent His son to die for our failures and sins so that we can have a relationship with Him! That relationship is what God desires of us the most. He wants our full undivided attention because He's up to something all the time and if we're not paying attention, praying fervently, and in the Word, we will miss it!! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Tid Bits from Above

    Hello blog friends! I feel like I have taken a very long siesta from blogging, but I'mmm backkk!! My blogs may have a different twist to them this time around but I look forward to sharing with everyone some ways God has been speaking to my heart! Lately I have taken advantage of the "notes" app on my iPhone. This way when I have a thought or word from God I can record it not to be forgotten! Heres a sneak peak thats short and sweet!  So glad to be out of my writer's block and back to blog life!!
     God has a plan for each of our lives if we choose to do Gods will. The devil also has a plan for your life. A plan to destroy. What we need to do as Christians is be one step ahead of the devil, be on guard for what that plan may be... Flee it, seek God for help and you will and can conquer sin! In this, God will be glorified and your life quality will be enhanced. But you must be wise and be watching at all times. The devil wont make it obvious it will be what you least expect..But sometimes it may be something you always knew in the back of your mind. Stay in the word. Pray fervently. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. Be waiting and watching for His return always!

    Yes, this is certainly some deep food for thought, but I will have a wide range of writings and some comical reads as well.